About us

Who We Are

Here at Candelux-Com, we're more than just a paper company. We're a team of like-minded, big-hearted individuals who have a distinct vision for the future. Candelux-Com is a manufacturer of toilet paper and semi-finished products for toilet paper, with a solid presence on the market in the Republic of Moldova for over 14 years.


Years on the market

Our history begins in 1999, when we started operating with a modest range of 5 products only. Since then, we have grown and adapted to market demands, manufacturing more than 20 items and becoming the market leader in waste paper procurement and recycling.


Own products

We are the first company of such type in the Republic of Moldova engaged in procurement and recycling waste paper. Our products are created to respond to the specifics of the domestic consumer and are the result of the experience of manufacturers in the European community.

Our Objectives

Our development objectives are geared towards continuous expansion of the sales market and bringing our products to European standards of quality and sustainability.

We are committed to being a reliable partner for our customers, offering them quality solutions for their hygiene and cleaning needs.

Expanding the Range of Products

Our objective is to develop and put on the market new products or product lines to meet ever-changing customer needs and meet market demands.

Better Quality & Efficiency

Focusing on optimizing production processes to ensure consistent product quality and improve operational efficiency.

New Markets

Identifying and exploiting market opportunities in new regions or customer segments to expand customer base and increase revenues.

Sustainability & Social Responsibility.

Implementing socially and environmentally responsible production practices to help protect the environment and promote the well-being of local communities.

Mission & Vision

We're on a mission to change the paper industry. We've reimagined what paper could be, creating products that are better for the planet and still deliver the premium quality and convenience you expect.

Our vision is to become a major player in the paper industry by continuously innovating and providing sustainable and efficient solutions for our customers worldwide.