Logistics and Distribution

Conveniently delivered right to your door

Candelux-Com company has a modern properly equipped vehicle fleet to ensure prompt and efficient distribution of products to customers.

Our fleet of cars and trucks is managed by qualified and experienced personnel, and transport routines are strategically planned to ensure timely deliveries to recipients. This infrastructure allows us to successfully manage distribution operations in both Moldova and Romania.

In addition, to satisfy the needs and preferences of our customers, we also offer the possibility of collaboration with delivery services under DAP (Delivered At Place) terms. This means that we can arrange the transport and delivery of products directly to the location specified by the customer.

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Cities of distribution

Explore the map to see all the cities in Romania and Moldova where we deliver our products. We are constantly expanding our network to reach as many locations as possible.

Check if your city is located in our coverage area and enjoy fast and efficient deliveries. If your city is not yet in the list, stay with us for future updates.

  • Romania
  • Bucharest
  • Bârlad
  • Bacău
  • Constanța
  • Cluj
  • Dej
  • Galați
  • Ploiești
  • Suceava
  • Timișoara
  • Vaslui
  • Moldova
  • Basarabeasca
  • Briceni
  • Balți
  • Cahul
  • Cantemir
  • Căușeni
  • Chișinău
  • Cimislia
  • Comrat
  • Drochia
  • Edineț
  • Florești
  • Hîncești
  • Nisporeni
  • Orhei
  • Soroca
  • Ștefan Vodă
  • Ungheni

Order Management Policy

We have a transparent and flexible order management policy that allows customers to return or exchange products in accordance with the established terms and conditions. The customer support team is available to provide assistance and quick solutions if there are any problems or delays in delivery.

We are committed to providing our customers with a pleasant shopping experience by ensuring that the shipping and order handling process is efficient, transparent and customer satisfaction-oriented.

Placement of orders

Customers place orders through a request to the company's e-mail address. Then, the operator contacts the customer to specify the order details.

Confirmation of orders

Once orders have been placed, customers receive an order confirmation by e-mail, phone or fax, which includes order details and information about the estimated delivery time.

Processing of orders

Candelux-Com sales and distribution team takes over orders and processes them internally. Products are selected, packed and prepared for delivery according to the quality standards of the company.

Shipment of orders

After orders are processed, they are handed over to the chosen carrier for delivery. Candelux-Com ensures a prompt and safe shipment of products to the addresses indicated by customers, using reliable and professional transport services.