Private Label

Strategic Description

The private label service offered by Candelux is designed to support manufacturers and distributors of toilet paper from recycled materials to build and strengthen a strong and distinct image on the market.

This service is focused on developing a unique brand identity, creating effective communication campaigns and promoting sustainable product values.

The private label service offered by Candelux is a strategic partnership for companies operating in this industry, providing them with the tools required to become market leaders through a strong and distinctive brand image.


Toilet paper manufacturers

Companies willing to promote their eco-friendly products and create a strong brand identity.

Distributors of eco-friendly products

Distributors that want to add value to their portfolio by promoting sustainable products.


Stores that want to offer customers eco-friendly products and improve their image by means of association with sustainable brands.

Organizations and institutions

Entities that promote sustainability and want to include eco-friendly products in their offer.

Benefits for entrepreneurs

Competitive differentiation

A strong and well-defined brand helps manufacturers and distributors to stand out among competitors.

Access to new market segments

By promoting ecological and sustainable values, we attract environmentally conscious consumers and expand our customer base.

Increasing brand value

An effective private label strategy is able to increase the positive perception of the brand and, by default, its value in the market.

Improving public image

Association with ecological and sustainable values contributes to improving the public image of the company, thus attracting useful partnerships and collaborations.

Long-term sustainability

Investments in private label for eco-friendly products support the long-term sustainable development of the business.