Raw material

Purchase of Waste Paper

CANDELUX-COM LLC, based in Chisinau city, is a leader in waste paper recycling in the Republic of Moldova. Having a long experience in the field, currently the company recycles more than 70% of all waste paper collected countrywide, strengthening its position as the most important recycler of paper-based waste.



of the total waste paper is collected countrywide

Use of waste paper as a raw material replaces wood in the technological process of paper manufacturing, reflecting our strong commitment to the conservation of natural resources and protection of the environment.

By recovering and handing over waste paper at collection points and using recyclable materials, each of us can contribute to the environment protection by conserving the forest fund and reducing the impact on the ecosystem.

CANDELUX-COM LLC collects waste paper from various sources such as store chains, state-owned enterprises, libraries, printing houses and other authorized waste generators. We collaborate with important suppliers of recyclable waste paper from both Moldova and Romania, ensuring that the recycled raw materials are of the best quality.

The waste paper must be clean and free of foreign items such as metal, wood, glass, rubber, plastic, waterproof paper, etc. Waste paper containing dust, oils, paints or packaging of toxic products is not accepted. Waste paper must not show signs of decay or deterioration caused by rot or mold.

For more information about our waste paper procurement process or to establish a collaboration, please contact us at the phone numbers: