Recycled Paper - What’s Old Is New


Step 1: Collection of raw materials

Our recycled paper products use only premium, recycled material (minimum 80% post-consumer fiber) sourced from places like printing houses, schools, printing plants and individuals.


Step 2: Manufacture

Waste paper is brough into a papermaking process, which involves mixing paper fibers with water to get a pulp, which is then compressed and dried to form paper rolls.


Step 3: Finished product

Toilet paper rolls produced are subjected to finishing operations to acquire the desired characteristics, being properly packaged and prepared for distribution and marketing.

Technology & Innovation

Continuous evolution through innovation and technology

Higher Efficiency

Use of modern technologies, automation of the production line and process monitoring contribute to optimizing operational efficiency and reducing production time.

Better Quality

Advanced technology enables accurate monitoring and control of production parameters, ensuring uniform quality of the finished product. Advanced visual inspection and sensor systems can detect and automatically remove eventual defects during manufacture.

Diversification & Customization

Modern technology allows rapid adaptation of the production line to meet changing market demands. For example, cutting and wrapping machines can be quickly configured to produce rolls of different sizes or to apply customized patterns and designs.

Increased Sustainability

Innovations in production technology make possible to reduce consumption of natural resources, energy and water, as well as to minimize waste and emissions.

Improving Working Conditions

Advanced technology can reduce manual work and the risk of accidents at work, providing a safer and more comfortable environment for operators. Automating certain repetitive and demanding tasks allows workers to focus on process control and optimization.

Quality inspiring Trust and Respect.

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