Technical Specifications

Eco-friendly Semi-finished Product for Toilet Paper

100% Recycled Paper

Meaning no new trees are being cut down, offering an eco-friendly solution for the manufacture of toilet paper.

Uniform Base Layer

We use advanced technology to ensure a uniform structure, guaranteeing a superior quality of the finished product.

Strong Structure

Being designed to ensure the strength of the final toilet paper, the semi-finished product has a strong structure that prevents easy tearing and ensures efficient use.

Easy Processing

Meaning is designed to be easy to process at various phases of production, optimizing manufacturing efficiency.


Breaks down naturally and can be added to compost depending on how it’s been used.

100% harmless

No inks, dyes, perfumes or other chemicals, which makes it ideal for manufacture of toilet paper that is safe for sensitive skin.

Advantages of use


The choice of the Candelux semi-finished product supports reduction of waste and saving of natural resources, while promoting a sustainable production cycle.

Best Quality

The uniform layer and durability of the semi-finished product ensure a high-quality toilet paper that meets the highest standards.

Efficiency in Production

Due to the ease of processing, our semi-finished product contributes to reducing production time and costs.

Reduced Ecological Footprint

By using a biodegradable semi-finished product, manufacturers contribute to protecting the environment and reducing pollution.

Safety & Sustainability

Free of harmful chemicals, the Candelux semi-finished product is a safe and responsible option for toilet paper manufacturers.

Versatile Use

Candelux semi-finished product for toilet paper is ideal for manufacturers that want to create high quality products while complying with the principles of sustainability. It is suitable for all types of standard toilet paper manufacturing equipment, providing flexible and efficient production process.

Choosing this material promotes eco-friendly practices and ensures a sustainable, efficient and safe final product for consumers.